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Flight Attendant Recruitment

To qualify for this vacancy, you must be a resident of a South American country.
Flight Attendant Criteria:

* Have a successful career history in delivering the highest quality of customer service which can be transferred into our award winning First, Business and Economy Class cabins
* Display strong interpersonal and communication skills that reflect genuine cultural sensitivities and appreciation
* Have excellent personal presentation and grooming standards that will reflect .

You will also need to fulfill the following:

Aged between 20 and 30 years of age for female 
Over 5 feet 3 inches (1.58m) tall with weight in proportion
Able to swim a minimum of 50m unaided
Never convicted of a serious criminal offence
Not suffering from any illness that would restrict you from flying duties, eg asthma, diabetes, epilepsy
Have no birth marks or tattoos that would be visible whilst in uniform
Single (with no children)
College or University qualification
Fluent in written and spoken English
Willing to take a full medical which includes an HIV test and drug screening

If you can answer yes to all the above criteria then we would love to hear from you. We will train you to be the best in the industry before you fly to any of our international destinations worldwide. The position is based in the Kingdom of Bahrain which offers a friendly and cosmopolitan environment with fantastic recreational opportunities including numerous sports, water sports, sun bathing, luxurious shopping malls, international restaurants, and many other places for socialising.
We Offer:

* Salary with generous allowances
* Fully furnished shared apartment
* 36 days annual leave
* Annual leave ticket
* Generous travel concessions
* Medical care
* Transport available to and from work
* “Balmain, Paris” designed uniform
* Uniform cleaning and laundering
* Opportunity for career progression
* End of service payment based on length of service

So, do you have what it takes? If you have, why not apply… it could be the best life changing decision you have made and what do you have to lose...

You will also need to attach the following files to your application:

* Head and shoulders passport size photograph (jpg, jpeg or gif) 
* Full body photograph (jpg, jpeg or gif)
* Up to date CV/Resume (.doc) to


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